Cloud – VGXC


From Canada comes VGXC. This self-titled album, out in April, is warm, wonky electronica. There’s a bit of KLF in the use of steel guitar and a bit of Aphex Twin at his ambientest in the off kilter nature of much of it.

Cloud is the first classy tune. Steel guitar suffuses this delightful track. It’s BJ Cole. It’s warm. It’s laying on the grass looking at the sky. Sigh. He describes the music as “dreamy and falling between genres”. In an interview, he said “friends described it as IDM, but he considers it to be “instrumental art pop, perhaps art hop.””

Dript creaks along on crushed beats and a stabbing of off-kilter piano. Graffito is like a wonky 70s TV show theme with futuristic intent. Inexhale is an exercise in holding your breath, with it’s endless tones and sounds that pitch almost to the edge of the nails on blackboard. Not a success.

Oshen is an electronic sea shanty of sorts and is the best tune. Waves, gulls and a gentle almost Balearic tune. But enough awkwardness to keep you on your toes. Pyyhro sounds as though it ought to catch fire early on but it’s altogether a more thoughtful track. It keeps a measured pace but with a squiggly melody. Nice.

Taek Ther One also follows the stately path, with a little guitar and broken beats. Marvellous. This is followed by Taek Ther Two. Imaginative title eh. This is also rather lovely. Takes the bare bones of Taek Ther One and gives it a bit of a dubby feel and some extra bass. Neither are really dance floor tracks but they sound pretty fab in a domestic context.

A lovely album for home listening and kitchen dancing.


~ by acidted on March 6, 2016.

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