Radio Dogma #59

Stormie laptop

Yesterday’s Plaid remix made me head for some Black Dog. Here’s their latest one hour radio offering, which starts with the excellent techno minimalism of Ben Long’s Toltec and ends with the classic Undertones track Here Comes The Summer. What other techno artist would attempt that?

The Black Dog – Radio Dogma #59
Featured Artist: Madben

01. Ben Long – Toltec – ePM
02. Brother Black – Annexe – Bade Records
03. Madben – Into The Woods – Astropolis
04. Mella Dee – Deep Soul – DEXT Recordings
05. Robin Ball – Fionn – Groovepressure
06. Monoloc – Gipson (Slam Remix) – Soma
07. Carl Finlow – Lateral Thoughts – Electrix
08. Unsubscribe – The Middler – BNR
09. Madben – Tension – Astropolis
10. The Advent & Industrialyzer – Up Close – Codewords
11. Electric Rescue – Babylone – Skryptom
12.The Undertones – Here Comes The Summer – Sire

~ by acidted on March 10, 2016.

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