ROBOT by Dorian Zoyd

Black manta

There’s something so cute about this. Bowie-influenced electronica track inside a robot in a box. Really. Yours for £15.

As Dorian explains “The special edition ROBOT robot features a 24-bit/96kHz version of ROBOT with exclusive bonus media, all contained in a USB-enabled classic tin toy robot. Choose between a BLUE or ORANGE robot (first come, first serve). Only 20 will be made available for purchase so snap yours up quickly!” I’m a sucker for this sort of thing.

The synthesised voice offering the product launch in the opening track works really well against the plinky plonky electronica. But the vocals sit somewhere between Heaven 17 and Bowie and detract rather. Only on DorianOS spandex dofracky defrag mix is the music allowed to sit on its own – and it’s the better for it. But hey that’s the way with art vs music. Never mind. Look at the cute robot. Blue or Orange?

I robot

Blurb: From within the digital frameworks of our modern society comes sonicist Dorian Zoyd, presenting a self-styled mesh of Technist Pop, Progressive Electronic and Ambient Ballad. Expanding beyond typical conceptual tropes, Dorian Zoyd’s music explores the interface between real and virtual, ruminating on the potential of current and future worlds.


~ by acidted on March 10, 2016.

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