The Book of Dogma III

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More Black Dog today. But this time we’re in re-release territory. The 2002 albums Unsavoury Products and Genetically Modified get a combined release in a gargantuan 42 tracks.

Made with Black Sifichi, both albums (originals and remixes) are a tribute to William Burroughs. This guarantees a sense of weirdness. The albums are wildly uneven and even now I struggle to listen to them all the way through. But a bit of filleting produces some quality soundscaping. They were way off the norm in 2002, more art performance, and so manage to sound utterly contemporary today.


Dust Science have brought together and re-issued the 2002 albums “Unsavoury Products” and “Genetically Modified” from The Black Dog and Black Sifichi to create “The Book Of Dogma III”. This new package features 42 tracks (!) including all of the original pieces, remixes and bonus material. Yes, that is a rather large tracklist.

“Unsavoury Products” was the fifth full length studio album by The Black Dog and features the Parisian spoken word artist Black Sifichi.

It is meant as a tribute to William S. Burroughs and inspired by The Black Dog’s collaboration with Burroughs before his death. Ken Downie explained: “We’d sent tapes to William Burroughs, and were waiting for him to deliver some spoken word back to us, but he fell ill, and died. Mr Sifichi sent us a pair of blue underpants he’d found in Paris, so he was the natural person to help us finish off the album. We got on very well, and had a lot of fun making it.”

Black Sifichi remembers: “The Black Dog heard my first album with Negative Stencil ‘Tick’ and I made contact when I heard about their Burroughs project. I thought I could do a ‘cameo’ reading of one of Bill’s texts somewhere on it. Anyway, The Black Dog loved my voice, how it was delivered. After Bill’s death a demo of mine inspired them to produce a homage to Burroughs with me. Unsavoury Products has a message… the majority of traditional electronic albums do not. It is a way to use musical aesthetics and seamlessly merge them with words. In many ways the album is closer to art than most music media/products, which are constrained by commercial demands.”

At the time of the album’s production the band considered itself a “multimedia collective” with members Martin (in charge of creative design and development), Steve Ash (studio production) and Ross Knight (guitar) besides Ken Downie: “We’re essentially a collective in the Warhol ‘Factory’ sense; we float in and out of the group depending on the projects we’re working on, independently or together.”

We’ve collected both Unsavoury Products & Genetically Modified (Remixes of Unsavoury Products) into the 3rd Volume of The Book Of Dogma.

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