How To Disappear Completely – Chris Coco

Cardiff bay

How To Disappear Completely is the new album from Chris Coco. It’s chilled and spacey. It’s out now on bandcamp.

Chris says that the album is “reflections on various encounters with people and nature at festivals and in cities around the world”. Opener, Portmerion Tide Flow drifts into view on acoustic guitar, sawing strings and hushed ‘lost’ vocals. This sets the album in a proper out of focus vein. Sea of Green offers more of the same, gently euphoric experience.

Dreaming of Love offers more by way of beats but still with hushed vocals and a little guitar. Thee Internet gets almost bossa nova. Not sure this one quite works. Things get back on track with Spiritland. Strings swell, synths pick out a delicate melody. The music soothes your fevered brow. An album highlight.

In My Humble Opinion goes for late night comedown and spoken vocals. It An Tells Ya provides a gentle sunrise accompaniment. Closer, Leave No Trace, does just that. Beatless, it has slow one-finger piano, a few strings and some space noise to fade.

An album for high summer, that slightly struggles in places to deal with a chilly spring.

~ by acidted on March 17, 2016.

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  1. just to mention, two of your old (non dance) posts are over at the (new) vinyl villain. They were wheeled out especially for St Patrick’s Day.

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