Brain to mush

Shark abbey

Man cold alert. Oh yes. Not only do I have an aching head and a streaming nose but I have to tell everyone about it in a sad attempt to get sympathy. Though obviously, I don’t go looking for sympathy and heroically shrug it off when it’s offered.

Brain to Mush is the apt title for this new release from I.G.A. on SOULECTRIQUE MUSI_Q. The title track is a great piece of IDM. A little clatter, some crackle, a lazy Rhodes line. Great for my affliction. Did I tell you I have a cold? Don’t worry, it’s nothing. I’ll struggle on.

Blue Cheese is the oddly titled second track given a remix by Aleryde. A bit lounge jazz put through an IDM strainer. It need not detain us. Super Sheep picks up the pace with a groovy electronic house sound. Very good indeed. The full lamb chop.

Charly is all bleeps and blips without any idea why. Disappointing. The final track is a Viktor remix of Niente. A slo mo house track, wit more of that Rhodes lead.

This EP is great for Brain to Mush and Super Sheep.


~ by acidted on March 18, 2016.

2 Responses to “Brain to mush”

  1. Night Nurse, hot water bottle and warm drinks.

  2. Get well soon. A generous drop of brandy in a glass of warm milk usually works wonders.

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