Krystian Shek – Best of FAX +49-69 / 450464


A delightful collection of reissued tunes courtesy of Krystian Shek and originally released on the late Pete Namlook’s label.

Downtempo in style it may be but the tracks move from quirky to winsome to menacing in mood. ‘Cherry Girl’ and ‘Champagne Bubble Bath’ possess warm, lighthearted intros but quickly develop intense, bass driven rhythms augmented by waves of synth and percussion. A deft combination of soft electro and deep space synth drives the engaging ‘Love Liptease & 808’ as it glides gracefully along as does the enchanting ‘From Russia With Love’ with its gentle beats and soporific tempo.

There’s a surly, brooding vibe to ‘Quan’ with its angry synth stabs and splenetic beat and similar with the intense, waspish ‘Israfil (Where The Blood Forever Rains).’ The clue is in the title. The moodiness doesn’t last long, however, as the eccentricity returns with the likes of ‘Cheese and Rice,’ ‘War’ and ‘Nuclear Island,’ tracks that feature waves of ambient and electronica using layers of noises, percussion and synths. It could be chaotic but it’s not because there’s a sequential quality maintained throughout. In fact, it’s all quite enchanting. To end, the dreamy, soothing ‘Splashin,’ the somniferous beat and keyboard nicely fused to full effect.

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~ by acidted on March 20, 2016.

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