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Storm trooper mindfulness

Each Monday I bring you thoughts from Life Coach Kitteh. This should set your week off on the right path. But some of you need more intensive sessions. Life Coach Kitteh really doesn’t have the time to spend on you when there are noms to be had, so Headcase is here to offer a longer mindfulness session.

Headcase are O.D. Davey & Sim Hutchins and they revel in mindfulness in a quite British way. They explain their music and spoken word poetry as “Each episode aims to use the aesthetic conventions of guided meditation tapes, popularised by the rise of mindfulness apps such as *ahem* Headspace, in order to reaffirm negative, rather than positive thought processes. Each recording will therefore adopt a masochistic or guilty act as its subject matter, such as the smoking of a cigarette, and guide the listener’s thoughts towards a mindful focus upon each act’s destructive qualities.”

Before we hear their masochistic meditation take on cigarettes and ice cream, I thought we ought to delve a little deeper into their psyche.

1. What is your current place of bodily rest at the moment and where is your mind?

Owen D. Davey: I’m resting on the loo but part of me is below the minty water line and another part is held in my hand, inside these words inside the telephone-email, across space and time, inside your computer device, waiting.

Sim Hutchins: NW Essex, born & raised.

2. Amit Ray says “Looking at beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind.” Does this mean your mind is polluted by filth?

Sim: I think you need to kill something to get a good look at it.

Owen: All minds are violent, putrid and perverted but that perversion is harmless inside the mind and holds a reassuring mirror of hell up to the relative heaven of outside. Only zealots strive for purity and only zombies achieve it.

3. Robin S Sharma says “Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.” Are you two for real?

Owen: We are for real but not against unreal. Robin Sharma’s head is so smooth, like his silk shirt, like his liquid assets, hug him and he slips down the plug hole.

Sim: The exact origin of the expression is currently unknown. The earliest known mention online is in a Facebook page titled “Real Nigga Hours From 1am-5am Check In #103,” which was launched on April 8th, 2011.

4. Cigarettes, ice cream, old people. What’s next? Dinner parties, talking on Tube trains, farting in public?

Sim: Vape pens with corporate logos on and a dropbox folder containing 8GB of dank memes.

Owen: In randomised tests, only 67% of all farts originally deemed to have been produced by children and vulnerable adults have been found to have belonged to them.

5. Bill Hicks used to end his shows with “Is there a point? I like to think so” What’s yours.

Owen: Instead of trying your best to be good, and failing at that, we’d like to help you to try your best to be bad, and fail at that.

Sim: Drink energy drink, then kill yourself ‪#‎wasteyourlife2016

So, please #wasteyourlife2016 now:

Headcase 3 is released digitally on March 30th.


~ by acidted on March 21, 2016.

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