Raw Paper Records new comp is great house music

First order slate

Never heard of Croatian label Raw Paper Records before. But this new comp is one of the best electronic house compilations I’ve heard in a long while. There’s a mix of house and tech house but very underground and very clubbable. For a label that’s only two years old and for whom this is only their fifth release, that’s quite something.

I asked Marijan Katic aka mmmotion about the label. He said “The label was started near the end of 2014. by Alen Simunic a.k.a. illuminum a.k.a. KOIL. Since we lived in the same town of Koprivnica (CROATIA), we’ve been doing some events together and he knew I was a producer, so he put one of my tracks on the first compilation release. After a while he approached me if I would be interested in co-running the label as he found it difficult to go to uni, run 2 labels (the other is Modular records) and be good at it at the same time. I was interested, so I accepted. So from march-april of 2015. I’ve been running RPR mostly by myself. First two releases were mostly Alen’s picks, and after that it was all me :)”

As for what else is in prospect, he say “We currently have a vinyl in production, it should be out in 10 weeks or so. It’s an EP by a Italian duo Distorted Portrait featuring a remix by Imre Kiss (of Lobster Theremin fame).”

Turning to the current compilation, this opens with the fabulous Gluhol from Pablo Diskko. This is European techno, with a Detroit edge. All clean lines and motorik intent. Antoine Sy’s Melancolie is another corker. More synth than mechanics, this takes tech house to a new level.

Raw Head from Eddish takes the techno on a darker, tom tom turn. Drowning Satellite is more tech house techno, with odd synth stabs in mmmotion’s track. SXSN is a lovely bit of dark neo-ambient by Distorted Portrait.

Helione offer marching techno on Rumble, which sounds somewhat out of place here. Glockenspiel has space techno trance but seemingly no glockenspiel. FM_ offers multi-tempo techno of Damage.

Closer From The Dust is the more leftfield thing here, blending dub techno with IDM awkward sounds to give you beetles in corners. Lots of running around and bumping into things.

As for why do a comp, mmmotion says “I view our “Best of” compilations as a great way to tell a story. I like the cherry pick the best tracks I run into and try to form a coherent story. I love tracks with a darker edge and a bit of a twist, and I hope it shows. :)”



~ by acidted on March 23, 2016.

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