Wiring a plug, starting electronic music

Bat station

Public service announcement: There is an easy way to remember where to connect each wire. Take the second letters of the words blue, brown and striped. This reminds you that when you look into a plug from above: blue goes left, brown goes right and striped goes to the top. And here’s some electronic listening music from DJ BOg on Bedrock to be going on with.

Romanian DJ BOg (has no-one explained what this means in English?) offers his Rewired EP. This is electronic listening music, full of synth softness. Opener Rewired ripples along quite beautifully. The Other Side of The River is more ambient but with synths stabs to offset the washes of sound. Closer Heartless City really does firmly drive into ambient with no beats at all. Squirts of sound and tinkling chimes are all you need. Lovely.


The highly creative, Paris-based, Romanian electronic music composer and DJ, BOg, returns to John Digweed’s Bedrock label for his first release of 2016, and already there are sparks of electric excitement in the air!

Having been deeply passionate about music since childhood, BOg has risen to his current prominence through releases on the likes of Crosstown Rebels and Alex Niggemann’s Soulfooled label, in addition Bedrock. Some of 2015’s musical highlights were BOg’s original track ‘Ava’ and his remix of the classic Bedrock track ‘Emerald’ on the ‘Re_Structured’ album, along with the dreamy 9-minutes of ‘Rakuten’ on ‘Underground Sound Of Ibiza 2’.

Now, with ‘Rewired’, BOg is raising the creative bar even higher, with 3 new musical masterpieces, showcasing his unique creative talent. The stunning, melody-rich title track perfectly showcases what the young Romanian is capable of, with its dreamy, subtle anthemic attitude. ‘The Other Side Of The River’ takes a slightly deeper melodic route, but the end result is no less enthralling. Finally, with the hypnotic, filmic ambient electronica of ‘Heartless City’, BOg highlights his ability to also create stylish excursions that go beyond the dancefloor.


~ by acidted on March 26, 2016.

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  1. Being colour blind, I can’t wire a plug.

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