Melodic techno from Spacesheep


Do astronauts dream of space sheep? While you wool gather on that one here’s Spacesheep with a lovely melodic synth techno offering Chemical EP.

This is great for home listening. It has lots of synths and a repetitive dreamlike quality. Hardly hard core clubbing but perfect kitchen dancing.

The EP starts with Acetone. (CH3)2CO is volatile and flammable. This tune is neither. There’s a touch of dub techno to the stabs here. It’s a lovely trance track. Next, we have Ether. (CH3-CH2-O-CH2-CH3) is actually a class of compounds, often used as a narcotic sedative. Here it is another dreamy track, with the synths more important than the beats.

Now, we move away from alcohols and to an element, Arsenic. As is poisonous, despite its use in Victorian times as a cosmetic whitener. The track is more solid than the previous two, more reliant on beats but still offering a background set of synths. The track is golden.

Staying with the elements but into gasses, here’s Oxygen. An EP highlight, this ripples around in a little world of its own. The final original track is Lithium. An alkali metal, there’s more beats to be found here. The most danceable track, this avoids the dreaminess of the early tracks for something more insistent. Lovely.

There are then two remixes. A M.A.D! one of Oxygen, which gives the original a stronger sense of menace and bass, and a Transcode one of Lithium which gives it more insistence but without really adding anything to the original.

A really fine EP.

If that’s not enough, here’s a free download of Black Love. More melodic techno and a galaxy of synths. A bit JMJ.

Spacesheep on Soundcloud : @the_spacesheep
Spacesheep on Facebook :


~ by acidted on March 27, 2016.

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