Life coach kitteh Explores values


Life coach kitteh says:
Last week I asked you to write down five of your most deeply felt values on this piece of yellow paper. The fact that it is now scrunched up with teeth marks doesn’t mean I got bored halfway through reading it. However, could you please write it again. Whenever.”

Here’s a new track from Marshall Watson and Kuzmic. Jolie Laide (French for unconventionally beautiful) is a parping melodic techno track, with ambient touches. The beats are soft and the mood everything.

~ by acidted on March 28, 2016.

2 Responses to “Life coach kitteh Explores values”

  1. Life coach kitten is one of my weekly blogging highlights. Useful advice and cuts straight to the truth.

  2. Hello, after a long while.
    I second Life coach kitteh 🐱 and l seize the opportunity, so here are mine
    P.S.: 2016 might be the worst year of my ife… no time for music at all. 😕

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