Good sounds and animal welfare. What’s not to like?


Earthlings Compilation. This is a substantial collection of tracks – fifty, if my ability to count correctly is still functioning – from a whole host of artists in support of World Animal Protection. Only a minute snatched from each track as a taster but it was sufficient to get an idea of the quality and to make me want to hear it in its entirety. The publicity blurb describes it as underground electronica and I’m happy to go with that. What you get is an absorbing mix of styles and vibes traversing in all directions.

There’s the antagonistic, moody techno of Adapta (‘Telefunken Time’) and Stacie Ann Churchman (‘Systematic Unfolding’) as well as the more neurotic, acid tinged version offered up by Alex Strangius (’12 21′). Countering this potent aura are the likes of Altroy (‘Tribute To IQ’) and Andrew Course (Miss) with their warm and gentle ambient or, if that’s too sleep-inducing, you can enjoy the stimulation provided by Errorbeauty (‘Riverslock’) and its epic film-score quality synths or Medooza (‘Stromausfall’) with its delightfully warped acid-wrapped synth. There’s more, a whole lot more by the likes of Carl Finlow, LA Synthesis, Nebula Music, Dissolved, Huron, Trichome and just keep going till you hit fifty.

I could go on but trying to describe quite so many tunes is a tad overwhelming, suffice it to say that I think this is well worth a listen and then, hopefully, making a purchase. Good sounds and animal welfare. What’s not to like?

The release of the compilation will be on April 18th 2016 and will be found on Bandcamp to purchase, all the funds (100%) will go to World Animal Protection!

Review by D

Adapta – Telefunken time
ADJ – Arkana
ADJ & Veronica Green – Trolls In The Mist
Alecheck – Gnithc
Alex Strangius – 12 21
Altroy – Tribute to IQ
Andrew Course – Miss
Automaton feat. Mr Switch – Reamy Bodger
Ben Milstein -Adjan

C Mantel – Praxic
Camino Acid – Mars
Carl Finlow – Vector Dominance
Datacrashrobot – Diffraction
Defunkt Dialekt – You can hate me I’ll still love you
Dissolved – Larval Light (Mitoma remix)
Earth Is Flat – Human = Animal
Errorbeauty – Riverslock
EXM – Loque
Fleck E.S.C- Careless Instinct
Hans Berg – Hightail
Hatch – Eye Lips Slow
Holon – When Worlds Collide
Huron – Volt
Ion Driver – Rhythmic Stasis
Jacen Solo – No Identification
J Frank – Broken Seal
Kim Cosmik + Ix – With You
LA Synthesis – Electrospace
Linear Systems – Operation Foxtrot Oscar
Phat Chex- Listen
Logreybeam – Cleft
Lone Shark – All Fall Down
Medooza – Stromausfall

Min y llan – Popty Ping

Monotic – Robotic
Mr Moogyagi – MebT
Nebula Music – Floating Above
Nktar – Make Moves
Nonima – For Verand
Peixe-Avia╠âo – Sentido de Calma (Roel Funcken rmx)
Phausis – Bossk
Plaid – Fl-conRmx
Psi Spy & Diagoro – Skails
Stacie Ann Churchman – Systematic Unfolding
Terrortron – Mind Virus
Trichome – The Book Of Truths
Uexkull- Communion
Velocs – Kaptonlayared
Veronica Green – We Are All One
Wee djs- Hot

Preview of Earthlings Compilation.
A compilation of underground electronic music raising funds in aid of World Animal Protection.
The release of the compilation will be in April 18th 2016 and will be found on Bandcamp to purchase, all the funds (100%) will go to World Animal Protection. Compiled and concieved by ADJ and Veronica Green.


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  1. Now, that’s a whole lot better than the pish at Jim’s bit.

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