Seasons In Hell


Seasons in Hell is from Antoni Maiovvi on the excellent Castles in Space records. It’s not terribly new, dating from last November, but it is a rather fine piece of electronica. And it has the added bonus of coming as “limited edition double 7″ single in a gatefold sleeve, pressed on British Summer/Russian Winter themed coloured wax.”

British Summer is both pastoral in its yearning and quite primitive in its approach. There are bits of early Cabaret Voltaire, some early 80s Bill Nelson and Linn drums. It is a beautiful track. Missing is a more ominous piece, slower in pace and takes slightly too long to unfold. Russian Winter is sadly short of Balalaikas or a sense of Marching Across Red Square. But it does have a frosty appeal and a nihilistic sense. The final track is Thalassa. This is unsettlingly, almost watery, off kilter ambient, which is probably right for a track named after a sea goddess.


~ by acidted on April 9, 2016.

4 Responses to “Seasons In Hell”

  1. Terrible to admit but I had forgotten about Nolan’s label. This is really good and duly purchased. Thanks for reminding me Ctel a few other things t check from the label inevitably leading to me spending money I don’t really have.

    • Thanks very much to both of you. It feels like I’m stepping up a gear this year as there are albums due from cold war hauntologists, Concretism; acid psyche kraut folkers, Correlations; Berlin school synth heads, KL(aüs) and almost unbelievably, Julian Cope.

  2. Good stuff.

  3. Looks like I will need to set up a direct debit Nolan.

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