Film Music 3


Film Music 3 is the new offering from Lol Hammond and Chris Coco. This time they’re joined by James Brooks on guitar. The mood remains contemplative and slightly somber.

Opener, Sodium drifts past in a serious mood on minor piano chords. It’s all a bit wistful. Lake is more properly ambient with drone tones to start. Eventually, some piano joins but it’s all rather sad and watery.

Mineral offers the first obvious sight of guitar but in a treated form. All a bit Paris Texas. Promenade doesn’t get any more cheerful, with its coda sense.

The EP ends with Vega. There’s a delicate beauty at work here. None of the sounds are hurried. It’s all gentle beauty, marvelling at the wonder of the world. This is our exclusive featured track.

Blurb: EP number three in the series of collaborations with Chris Coco and Lol Hammond. This one features guitarist and artist James Brooks, who records for Mute Records as Land Observations.

~ by acidted on April 19, 2016.

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