Tempelhof X Gigi Masin “Corner Song”

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Here’s a lovely relaxed track from Tempelhof and Gigi Masin. It’s all minimal, a little drone and ambient sensibility. I’m too relaxed to write any more.


Two cult entities rejoin for today’s offering. Renowned minimalist wizard, Gigi Masin, and downtempo savants, Tempelhof, are elegant music-makers in their own right. But come June 10th, they cross swords for a joint outing entitled Tsuki — arriving via Cascine in North America and Hell Yeah Records elsewhere.

The former is a living sample bank for artists as far-flung as Bjork, Main Attraktionz and Nujabes, as well as playing a crucial role in Italy’s avant-garde thrust. Despite only releasing a handful of releases — one solo album (Frozen Dancers), a 12” single (Piano Piano) and another joint LP with Masin (Hoshi) — Tempelhof (Luciano Ermondi and Paolo Mazzacani) weigh in with considerable gravitas among those in the know. Together, they’re the perfect embodiment of career cryogenics — creatives whose artistry has received a rightful second lease of life via well-placed reissues.

Tsuki is a lesson in tasteful ambience, melding episodes of weightless wonderings with forays into percussive, softly-softly electronica. The project is pinned by the hip to each artists’ respective homelands of Venice and Mantua, making for a well-travelled and emotional jaunt into minimalism.

“Corner Song” is just that; almost otherworldly in nature, but atmospheric and deeply stirring. The perfect introduction to a project that’s bound to cause souls to salivate.

~ by acidted on April 23, 2016.

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