Blind Date (Exclusive)


No, nothing to do with Cilla. A new independent film for which Colin Cameron Allrich has done the score. There’s a four-track soundtrack to buy and you dear reader get an exclusive listen. This is pitched as “teetering between melancholic and brooding moments.” And that’s a good description of this wistful release offering the pleasures of classical influences set against the industrial sounds of concrete realities. This is similar to his BEYOND project of a few years back. Pretty ambient stuff.

As for the film, Colin explains it’s a family affair: “My brother and I frequently collaborate on his film projects, as he’s in Los Angeles working on his career there. This project is sort of a “all in the family” one, as it was my stepdad’s award winning short story they adapted into a film. It’s a drama centered around a relationship between a waitress who meets her “blind date” late one night after work.”

West Hollywood is an oh-so-gentle opener. Tones last for endless moments, as permanent and ephemeral as the first ochre hints of sunrise. Piano comes and goes with languor. What’s Your Story? is, if anything, even less there. It’s all about a moment constantly slipping from view. Sounds almost don’t come forward, so forlorn are they.

Wanna Be My Blind Date? offers the first discordant note as it passes from far off echoing machines into dread mechanics. A hiss and a crush of dystopia. And finally, the Blind Date theme itself. This manages the joys and opportunities of life, the exquisite pleasures of love’s disappointment and the hissing industrial, urban reality of everyday life.

Of the score, Colin offers “As a fan of film scores, I jump at the opportunity to work on them, and this one is no exception because they made such a great character driven story. The film is as “indie” as they come and is only now making festival rounds. I’m not sure when the general public will be able to see it. We wanted to put the score out however as everyone agreed it has a personality of it’s own in similar vein to Clint Mansell’s Moon score or Mica Levi’s Under The Skin score.”


~ by acidted on April 24, 2016.

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