Life Coach Kitteh helps your relationships


Life coach kitteh says:
“You’ve had a few weeks of life coaching now. As other people still make no sense to you at all it’s time to crank things up with two top tips to enhance your relationships.

Tip 1: Just act like you’re listening
Let’s face it, most people make about as much sense as that French feller with the white face who pretends he’s caught in a gale. So when people speak, just cock your head on one side, nod slowly and think about string. Or spiders. Well those are the things I think about, you can pick your own.

Tip 2: Work on your assertiveness… with a heart
You can stand up for yourself using my mantra is ‘tough on the issue, soft on the person’. As an example, here’s something I said to my last client just as he left. “Fuggu mofo imma cut u. Namaste.” See what I did there?

Try those two out and we’ll review next time. Stay centred peepl.”

To help stay centred, here’s Samba from Australia’s Nutrition. This isn’t the slinky hipped Brazilian thing I imagined. It’s a more measured, bongoed affair. Altogether more tribal house in feeling and woozy in its effect. Free download.

Blurb: Samba is the newest single from Byron Bay based producer Nutrition. Following his most recent remix for Chicago based Producer ‘Shallou’, Nutrition has come forward with the groove intensive and bongo infused ‘Samba’. This track is the perfect accompaniment to your ocean frolicking, salty hair and summertime smoothies.

~ by acidted on April 25, 2016.

One Response to “Life Coach Kitteh helps your relationships”

  1. Tough on the issue , soft on the person- absolute gold.

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