Before The Heat


Before The Heat is the new release from Correlations on Castles In Space. This is electronics with downtempo acoustic goodness.

Correlations are Neil Hale and Stuart Cullen (Pilote). Before The Heat is a whole album’s worth of electronics, indie and acoustic. Not quite folktronica but not quite not. The mood is generously relaxed, warm and inviting. We get two tracks to listen. In Vuh offers strummed guitar, a little piano, some indie drums and a whirl of ‘other’. Proper summery. Music for outdoor festivals. On The Surface is more obviously downtempo ambient in intent. The lilting guitar line backed by electronics that are on a permanent dream setting. Hand numbered vinyl edition of 300 on blue/clear wax.

Blurb: Correlations are Neil Hale and Stuart Cullen (aka Pilote).  Hailing from Brighton and Frome they have made a wonderful record which is a genre defining mix of electronics, acid, psyche and acoustic folk. With vocoders.

Neil and Stuart have been releasing music under various guises for several years. Stuart’s last Pilote LP “The Slowdown” garnered much acclaim and radio play particularly across BBC Radio 6 Music shows including Lauren Laverne.

“Before The Heat” draws on electronic influences from a broad range of artists such as Cluster/Harmonia/Ashra and other favourites such as Felt, Nick Drake and classic psych-folk loner, Gary Higgins. The record was mixed with the assistance of old friend Simon James from The Simon Sound and Black Channels who have previously released a massively successful 10” EP on Death Waltz records.

~ by acidted on April 26, 2016.

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