‘Alex Par – In Between’ EP

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Three years after its first release, dPole Records return with their second. Has it been worth the wait? Alex Par offers In Between, accompanied by remixes from Dorfmarke, Andreas Lindemann, Alex Dior and Acid Ted favourite Tim Engelhardt.

The original mix is a pleasant vocal house tune that sometimes offers flashes of tech house but never really catches fire. Dorfmarke takes more firmly in a tech house direction and that bit of strictness tightens up the tune. And it loses the vocal, which is a plus. Andreas Lindemann offers the first really good version. This keeps a bit of vocal but scuffs the original a bit, with some dark, slightly sleazy bass.

The version I’ve been most interested to hear is obviously Tim Engelhardt’s. Given his style is usually ultra lush, this remix offers a sense of urgency and a little Rhodes which results in an unexpected treat. The final remix is from Alex Dior who goes for a dubby sense that half works. It’s kept too house paced to really deliver. Would have been better as a full on dub techno tune.

A decent package but let’s hope we don’t have to wait another three years for release number three.

Blurb: dPole Records is back with a delicious five tracker EP – presenting ‘Alex Par – In Between’ Cat.-Nr. [DP-002]. Starting off with the Original Mix – an infectious hypnotic vocal led tech house groove – this EP comes with a superb selection of remixes by Dorfmarke, Andreas Lindemann, Tim Engelhardt, and Alex Dior to round off the package with their unique interpretations offering quite a tasty bunch of flavor.

~ by acidted on May 8, 2016.

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