Life Coach Kitteh and Defining Moments‏

kitteh seated

Life Coach Kitteh asks:

What were the defining moments that made you who you are?  What was your ‘Rosebud’?  What was your Road to Damascus revelation?

My ‘Vietnam’ involved a Hoover and my fish-on-a-string.  Still have nightmares.”

Here’s Revy with Overflow. The original’s a bit dull frankly. It comes with rather too many remixes, most of which – even Exercise One – aren’t that good. This one by Pedro Aguiar stands out. Takes the track to the evocative ambient techno place that the other remixes hint at but can’t deliver. This is all about mood and emotion. The track subtly weaves sounds in and out in an ebb and flow that gradually draws you in.

Revy – Overflow (Pedro Aguiar Remix)

Out exclusively on Beatport May 2nd 2016. Full release May 16th 2016.

Mater //


~ by acidted on May 9, 2016.

One Response to “Life Coach Kitteh and Defining Moments‏”

  1. My Road To Damascus happened when I realized it was ‘Ford Prefect’ and not ‘Ford Perfect’. I’ve spent years reading that name wrong. I felt like I was experiencing a glitch in the Matrix.

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