Wesley Rouw – Antarctica


Here’s a new release on Dimentique. Their thing tends to be smooth melodic tunes, mainly lush deep house. And so it goes with this one from Wesley Rouw. The tune is as chilled as the Antarctica title would imply.

It comes with a pair of remixes from Souplace and Oliver Jay. Soulplace’s remix warms things up a bit by bringing back a bit of urgency to the track, leaving a lovely lush house sound. Oliver Jay decides that all this chilling is well and good but what this track needs is a fat dose of bass. As bass tunes go, this is a goodun.

Blurb: We are happy to be able to release the debut track from new upcoming artist Wesley Rouw, and his track ‘Antarctica’ dashed with 2 superb remixes from Soulplace and Oliver Jay. ‘Antarctica’ is a atmospheric and soft touched track, with a flowing groove and a classic analog sounding bassline. Soulplace’s version of the track adds a bit of a kick and a chilling twist, still has atmosphere but with more old skool in your face synthy style. Oliver Jay remixes the track to a full on bass monster, totally reconstructing the track for huge club use, with a heavy catchy bassline and body bopping arrangement.

The release is exclusively out on Beatport, 25th of April 2016. And for all stores, 9th of May 2016.

Follow Dimentique ✖ Facebook: facebook.com/dimentique ✖ Twitter: twitter.com/Dimentique ✖ Tumblr dimentique.tumblr.com/ ✖ Youtube: www.youtube.com/dimentique ✖ Soundcloud: @dimentique

Follow Wesley Rouw ✖ Facebook: www.facebook.com/Wesley-Rouw-662043090537891 ✖ Twitter: twitter.com/wesleyrouw ✖ Soundcloud: @wesleyrouw

~ by acidted on May 12, 2016.

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