Marc Depulse Famekiller E.P


Marc Depulse is unknown to me but this Famekiller EP on Selador Recordings is a fine techno release. There’s two originals and two remixes here.

Marc Depulse is a German producer and that rather comes through in Famekiller, which has an unmistakable German pulse to it. This is music for dark dance floors. Kevin Over gives it a remix that takes it on a warped acid journey. Fine work.

The other original track is the puntastic Nothing Toulouse.  This is comedy techno. OK, it isn’t. It’s a melodic techno journey. Not quite as gripping as Famekiller but very good nonetheless. And is there a Bruce Hornsby sample in there? This gets remixed by David Granha back into a hard techno tune. Good, if that sort of thing is your bag.

Blurb: Anyone who has been following the Selador story so far should already be familiar with Marc DePulse. Having previously featured as a remixer on Joal’s ‘Uncover To Discover’ in 2015 and more recently as part of our Showcase Volume 3 compilation, the German Producer now earns his stripes with a fully fledged EP of considerable weight and stature.

Comprising of two originals and two remixes, the package all falls under the Famekiller umbrella and it’s the title track that sets the bar high. A powerful serving of towering techno that’s been leaving a trail of dance floor destruction in it’s wake during early roadtests.

Another of our favourite Germans, Kevin Over then takes centre stage, dropping the BPM and getting deep down and dirty with a low slung acid tinged workout. Pure and utter unadulterated filth. We’ll have some that!

Next, Mr DePulse picks up the baton once more with another teutonic adventure entitled ‘Nothing Toulouse’. Subtler than it’s famekilling elder brother but no less robust, this one works it’s charm with stealth-like precision. The ultimate seduction.

And to round things off, we invited our new favourite Spanish producer David Granha to give us his take on ’Slapstick’, Marc’s recent contribution to the aforementioned Showcase Volume 3 release. Marc’s own reaction upon hearing this mix says it all. “I couldn’t have done it better myself” he said. We concur.

And with that, another chapter is set in stone. Stay tuned though, the plot is set to thicken.


~ by acidted on May 15, 2016.

One Response to “Marc Depulse Famekiller E.P”

  1. The original is good but the Over remix is quite splendid.

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