EMILIE NANA | Compost Black Label #133 – The Meeting Legacy Remixes

Boba daisy

Compost Black has always been a mark of good house and club music. Here’s a bunch of remixes for Emilie Nana from her album The Meeting Legacy. The remixes come from Manoo, Beanfield & Thomas Herb and Floyd Lavine.

Manoo offers Music a classic deep house remix. It allows the vocal to add to the sultriness in the track. There’s also a Nanadub version from Manoo which gives it a bit more of a clubby atmosphere. Beanfield & Thomas Herb give Tolstoy Changes a complete rework. Out goes the 80s and in comes some dubbed darkness. The final remix from Floyd Lavine is of The Meeting Legacy. This goes for a late 80s remix feel which just doesn’t sound compelling today.

If I’m honest, the album from which these remixes are taken didn’t do anything for me. All too in thrall to the 80s but in a way that if you were there you wouldn’t want to return to. But if you want to check it out…


Emilie Nana’s lovely debut album „The Meeting Legacy“ comes along with a solid compelling remix package with remixes by Manoo, Beanfield & Thomas Herb and Floyd Lavine

Manoo moves Emilie Nana’s 80s Janet Jackson & Prince inspired Music, shaping a bouncy groove filled colourful exchange between vocal and melody. Building and burning as Nana’s voice emanates out of this twisted 4/4 beat. This inspiring vocal “Music is the best part of him” is enriched by the simplistic layering of rich exchanges between the composer and production mastermind, Manoo.

Beanfield & Thomas Herb take this Nana-esque bass beast Tolstoy’ Changes, bending the range to deliver a dancefloor destroyer. Maintaining the original feeling of bewitchment, the extension of this production details a dark haunted house beat, beating the late arriving voice to give the listener a lucid layer of enchantment.

Floyd Lavine stripped Black Panther Party inspired The Meeting Legacy and stamped his distinctive sound onto this slow stalking symbol of struggle. Lavine gives it a unique bunker feel, placing it both in the context of revolutionary battle and dancefloor hedonism.


~ by acidted on May 18, 2016.

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