Alexis Raphael & Paolo Lucchi – London Via Milan


One of those days when listening to track after track of stuff that’s not fit to post here I almost despair of doing this blog. Finally, after over an hour comes this release from Alexis Raphael & Paolo Lucchi.

After far too much auto tuned, glitched, trap or electro-pop flavoured stuff, here’s some palate cleansing minimal techno from UK-based Raphael and producer Lucchi. To be honest the original mix of London via Milan is one of htose minimal tunes that does very little. But the little it does, it does quite perfectly. Locked early into a groove, it holds on and won’t let go.

There are to remixes. First, Mathieu Gendreau boots the tempo up a bit to give it a bit more techno pace but slightly loses the locked-in sense of the original groove. The second remix comes from Ronnie Rose. The tech house stance on hits one is more sympathetic to the original version. Offers a staccato counterpoint to the original mix.

Blurb: The minimal techno single “London Via Milan” is the first official collaboration between UK rising star DJ/producer Alexis Raphael and underground music producer Paolo Lucchi. This single received the techno remix treatment by label boss Mathieu Gendreau (Plastic Operator) and a tech-house remix by American DJ/Producer Ronnie Rose.

~ by acidted on May 22, 2016.

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