Life coach kitteh talks proactivity‏


Life coach kitteh says:
In most therapy sessions it’s the client that lies on the couch.  You’ll have noticed that in our sessions you perch on  an old box while I lie on the sofa. Sometimes with my eyes shut. It’s because I am proactive about my chair choices.  How can you be more proactive to get the comfy cushion of life you deserve?”

That depth of advice is unparalleled in life coaching, I think you’ll agree. Reflection time is required before action is taken. To give you that space, here’s Bakked, PrideOldMachine with their Rue Liandier EP. This is a lovely, almost ambient ep, marrying warm synths and soft clattering beats. Free download.

Download mK79 Bakked, PrideOldMachine – Rue Liandier EP

~ by acidted on May 23, 2016.

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