Quadeyes – Hot Syrup

Mr incredible

Sticking with stuff on musickollectiv.org, here’s Quadeyes with the ambiently magnificent Hot Syrup EP. Free download.

Can You Hear Me provides a suitably awesome opening, with the echoed sampling adding to the spaced mood. Maelstrom Mu moves off into something more unearthly and insect-based. Full of clicking legs and flapping wings. Ska Pastora is a dub thrown into the deepest sea trench with a few sounds bubbling back out. The final original track is Lamentations. One of those gossamer thin tracks that can be so risk if got wrong. And so it proves here.

There are three remixes, from Furz, DeconBocon and Sasha Nevolin. Of these, Furz goes off in a direction that ends up like some of Radiohead’s more electronic efforts. DeconBocon glitches the sample in Can You Hear Me to no great effect. Sasha Nevolin tries the same track but to better effect. He removes elements to leave only the bare essence but it works really well.

Download mK78 Quadeyes – Hot Syrup

~ by acidted on May 25, 2016.

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