40 Thieves Feat. Nina Lares – Take Me I’m Yours


Been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks. It’s an odd one. If you were going to look for a cover version, would you pick something from 1978? If your memory stretches that far back you might remember the song writing duo of Difford and Tilbrook. If not, Squeeze might jog your memory. They had a number of offbeat indie pop hits of which Take Me I’m Yours was one. It’s been turned into a downtempo disco number by 40 Thieves.

The original version has a vocal from Nina Lares. It’s all laid back and Balearic in style. A little dubby. Tronik Youth gives it a remix that stretches from early 80s electronic through to a more revivalist slant. Simon Peter gives it the full chill with a mix that feels stretched out and tabla fuelled. Of the remixes it’s Praus that takes things furthest from the original. This is a superbly psychedelic dark house version that obscures the origins pretty much completely.

And here’s the original

Blurb: Roam Recordings’ latest instalment features long time label friends 40 Thieves – known for previous releases on the likes of Permanent Vacation, Leng, and Rong Records – and their excellent redux of Squeeze’s 1978 classic “Take Me I’m Yours”. The combo’s take on this proto-new wave gem renders the tune as spacier and yet more dance floor focused, with the sultry voice of Nina Lares supplying the captivating hook. The result is as slinky as can be, with a hypnotic four-on-the-floor providing the anchor for layers of lush pads and keys as Nina sings the spine-shivering melody.

“Way back in 2014 on a rough stormy day, we found ourselves playing the baseline and leads along to the original version (by Squeeze) in the background and ultimately recorded midi for the entire thing. We built a new drum and rhythm track and ran the midi through some synths. The lovely and multi-talented chanteuse, Nina Lares, who has been recording with us for years and is long overdue for a release with us, graciously took on the song and re-interpreted the melodies and style in her own way. The result is laid back, natural, hypnotic. You know.. how we prefer pretty much everything. Did our best to keep the track sparse, to the point, focused on Nina, and take you somewhere else for a while. On remix we duty is was a call to some existing friends, new names and old to the initiated world of weirdo music.” – 40 Thieves, 2016

The first remix is a hearty chugger from Tronik Youth (Nein Records). The drums are given a bit more bite, riding a pulsing synth line while the vocals are eerily dubbed in and out. Next up Simon Peter (Claremont 56, Silhouette Music) shows his mastery of the live bass guitar which is front and center of his smoothed out balearic take on the tune. Bright chords and hand percussion make this one special for hazed-out moments. San Francisco up-and-comer Praus rounds out the package with a languid psychedelic version that recalls Massive Attack with its moody grittiness and dubby tendencies.


~ by acidted on June 5, 2016.

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