Life coach kitteh says achieve contentment


Life coach kitteh says:
“I told my latest client that the way to achieve inner contentment was to finish what he started. In his case it was a Twix and a copy of the Daily Star so it wasn’t too tricky.

What do you want to finish?”

I want to finish listening to Balaphonia by Darin Epsilon. This is happy, happy, clappy, clappy electronica. Makes me smile. And few enough things manage that these days. It’s so ridiculously optimistic, I simply can’t help being swept along.


The 42nd release on Perspectives Digital sees label boss Darin Epsilon stepping back into the spotlight. It’s been a landmark year for the much loved US artist. Following the release of his ‘No Regrets’ LP last November, Darin has been to 8 different countries pushing his unique take on melodic house and techno. The US artist has never been confined to one genre or stylistic blueprint and that proves prevalent once again throughout the entire EP. The title piece ‘Thousand Winds’ finds Darin collaborating with world-renowned artist Matan Caspi. The Israeli producer has been a staple of the electronic underground dating back 10 years with releases on Global Underground, Deeperfect, and Spinnin as highlights of his discography. His penchant for tough, club-friendly grooves has melded well with Darin’s talent for crafting memorable melodies. Harmonious synth swells and rolling beats provide an intense yet emotive 8 minute journey. An electric break is one of many highlights, preceding an exhilarating conclusion that’s perfectly dialled for peak hour.

The EP’s second selection ‘Balaphonia’ proved to be one of the most hyped tracks from this year’s Miami Music Week and Winter Music Conference. Initially aired by Nick Warren & Hernan Cattaneo on their infamous ‘Never Get Off the Boat Cruise’, its foundation of house grooves and vibrant melodies was one of the most memorable moments in their B2B set. Cascading mallets and xylophone clusters converge before a four note lead lifts you higher and steals the emotional air. Much sought after as the conference concluded, the track is available just in time for the summer club season ahead.


~ by acidted on June 6, 2016.

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