Vandelux – Shelter

Boba Fett black

Back in the 80s we really feared that nuclear war would come. The ever escalating Cold War, Reagan, Thatcher and the Russians. Now it’s North Korea or Iran that are the fears. That anxiety stretched back to the 50s. Here’s Vandalux to with a great track – Shelter – to bring back that anxiety with a superb choice of sample in an orchestral trip hop setting, full of heft beats and cellos. Free download.

I asked Vandalux where the sample that really makes this track comes from. He says “I found the narratives digging through some old 50’s/60’s educational video archives and loved how this one used fear as a deception tactic to promote the need for military defence and governmental protection.  It is crazy to see what was taught to kids back then – some of the topics are just absurd – but this one demonstrated eerily similar tactics to what we are seeing from the Trump show in the US election today.  I wanted to place an emphasis on the simple silence after “how do we know all of this?” (question not answered) followed by the drop, which then goes back to the warning that “all of us” are in “danger”.”



~ by acidted on June 7, 2016.

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