Kohib & Kahuun with Bergen-Tromsø downtempo techno

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A second EP from Kohib and Kahuun. A second time in which they produce their own tracks and then remix each others’. How they continue to churn out high quality downtempo techno is beyond me.

Kahuun goes first with Sangefjell. A buzzing techno house track that grooves the night away. Kohib’s remix takes more of an 80s boogie turn. Not quite as embraceable as the original. Kohib’s Pittsburgh is equally strong as Kahuun’s track but offers a different direction with more sysnth and less 303. Lots of wood block to enjoy. Kahuun offers a bit of a shock with a skippy drum and bass remix of the track. Not what I would have expected but really good – perhaps better than the original.

Blurb: Phase two of the Bergen-Tromsø house alliance! For the second time on Beatservice Records, Kahuun and Kohib – two beardy and nice chaps – have put their heads together to collaborate, but not as a duo as one would expect. It’s the same procedure as their first shared EP: one track each, and then a remix of each other’s respective track.

Kahuun is a part of the electronic scene in Bergen.  “Sangefjell” is a potent four-on-the-floor groover, complete with a solid bass foundation, layers of percussive elements, and a rising 303-ish filtered synth line. After hours night club funk, indeed. Kohib is an important member of the Tromsø electronic music scene, equally as a club organizer, DJ, and producer.  Kohib’s contribution, with the un-Norwegian title of “Pittsburgh”, moodily moves through synthesizer swells and pulsations as reverbed percussion and stereo effects populate its sonic space. The tension is eased by a pleasant, almost theremin-like lead line.

The remixes are playful reinterpretations, with Kohib accentuating the funkiness of “Sangefjell” through heavy hand claps, a tighter entwining of the bass and 303 lines, and a dreamy vocal phrase. This one’s got maximum boogie appeal. Not to be outdone, Kahuun surprises with a tough drum n’ bass rendition of “Pittsburgh”. More than half the track is taken up by its intro – which, upon listening, seems the perfect length – before the breakbeats come in over the throbbing bass and swirling, melodic psychedelia. It’s a brilliant cap to this EP, and shows how these two producers continue to inspire each other in wonderful, off-beat ways.  

~ by acidted on June 17, 2016.

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