Love ambient, love RENU – Plasma


Sundays. Religion aside, I’d still like Sundays to be different from other days. Or maybe that’s a personal desire to find some downtime away from endless demands. Either way, Renu offers something ambient but with a bit of breakbeat. She’s gone from London to Berlin and perhaps that shows up in among her Plasma EP.

Light offers neo-classical ambient built around delayed piano and sonar echoes and acoustics. Fight picks it up a bit with the ambient breakbeat that I promised. Sounds bounces around and awkward blips avoid any peace in this track. As One might sound like a rejected Stone Roses title but it offers an epic comedown. Glimpses of piano offer the nearest to beats that this track will offer. Otherwise, it’s all about a variety of tones ebbing and flowing.

~ by acidted on June 19, 2016.

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