D-Malice – Phases

Chaos catapult

D-Malice offers us another of those “deep house but…” releases. By which I mean that this stands out from the usual slew. There’s an edge to each of the tracks that grabs your attention.

#87 doesn’t sidle up to you, it grabs you with assertive beats and a melodic hook. Would sound great turned up loud. If anything, Phases is even better. An almost afro-beat approach and a low bass. Great growling track. The EP closes with an Expressive Dub remix of Phases. This focuses on the key elements of the original but with a slightly lither touch.

Blurb: After spending his career popping up the hottest spots you can find in club-land, in-between running his own label DM Recordings and producing quality vibes with such talents as Kid Fonque, Jonny Miller and Rancido, please join us in welcoming back our good friend and collaborator – D-Malice. Taking time out of his hectic schedule, and following up the release of the “All This Time” & “All This Time Remixes” with Kid Fonque, D-Malice has brought his skills to the fore again with solo ARCo debut offering: ‘Phases’.

We start with ‘#87’ and the mood is set instantly. Kicking off with straight up beats and low melodic tones that evoke the feelings and groove of the legendary Lil’ Louis at his finest, this pumping masterpiece reaches through your body and into your hips, daring you not to dance. We can promise you won’t be able to resist moving to this!

Then D-Malice introduces his trademark low bass and deep afro-beats and steps up to the podium with ‘Phases’. Taking all things musical to a more interesting pitch, with a soothing and smoothing soundscape that runs up and down your spine, D-Malice peppers an insistent and effortless melody over a thoroughly enjoyable dance-floor goto.

We then return to ‘Phases’ with a remix that is ‘Expressive’ in more than just name. Stepping up another gear, we are welcomed to a realm of low range tones and light percussive touches that brings D-Malice’s musical odyssey to new heights and leaves us begging for more, as he usually does with his ever popular ‘Expressive Dubs’.

~ by acidted on June 20, 2016.

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