Kris Davis – Aura


Deep house tunes are two a penny and quite as disposable in a 99p world. But Kris Davis, about whom I know nothing, finds a way to rise above with Aura. It’s the addition of a synth techno sensibility, with an endlessly twisting groove that won’t let you settle and won’t let this track be ignored. Great stuff.

Goodbye Lullaby, the other track on offer, can’t help but suffer by comparison. A soft slow synth refrain soothes but the bouncing beat offers some offset. Nevertheless, my attention still wandered back to Aura.

Blurb: With a deep love for classic analogue sounds, merged with the limitless palette of possibilities afforded by modern music-making technology, DJ/producer Kris Davies utilises his meticulous production skills and a flair for crafting distinctive, intricate soundscapes, to stamp an emotional ambient mark on all his tracks and mixes. Now, he is set for his debut single release with the ever-evolving Soulfooled family, with two exceptionally creative tracks.

An instantly infectious, hip-swinging rhythmic backbone means ‘Aura’ wastes no time before launching into a breath-taking display of creative genius, as it builds layers of melodic motifs, juxtaposed synth lines and flourishes to make it an irresistible musical delight – visualise a dynamic 121bpm ball of energy, pirouetting majestically around the dancefloor.

The subtle, percussive ‘Goodbye Lullaby’ with its wonderful hint of melancholic reflection, serves to create a distinctly different, but no less enthralling atmosphere, showing another side of Kris Davis’ standout inventiveness. Layered with a wondrous, seductive ebb and flow of melodic waves, ‘Goodbye Lullaby’ is a supremely emotive piece to round off this musical master class in style.

Since the release of his first ‘Closer’ EP on Subjekt Recordings in 2014, Kris has been steadily gaining respect on the underground circuit with his unique emotive style. His subsequent remix of Affect! ‘Akaria’ (Save Us), ‘Relentless’ (with Yost and released on Just Her’s Constant Circles label), an EP on Christian Loffler’s well-respected Young Alaska imprint, and recent outings on Crossfrontier Audio, Suara and Parquet Recording (amongst others), have continued to raise the creative bar and mark Kris Davis as an artist to keep an eye on. With summer residencies coming up for Avant Garde & We Concur in London and Paris, now is the time to check him out.

~ by acidted on June 25, 2016.

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