Beautiful souls become butterflies


“Beautiful souls become butterflies” is the quote attached to the track Grace by Torin Bell. All to fanciful for me. All linked to our problem accepting death and so many people’s inexplicable wish to cheat it. Why so greedy for life?

Anyhow, Grace is a lovely track. It’s all chilled, with multiple synths weaving a delicate path among the flowers. There’s even a touch of lounge about it to add to the softness and relaxed air. Beautiful in its own right.

~ by acidted on June 26, 2016.

2 Responses to “Beautiful souls become butterflies”

  1. Different but soothing. Good work.

  2. […] turning into a rather dreamy week for posts. That’s tiredness again. But Torin Bell’s track Start (Wandering) is another of those slow, dreamy electronic tunes that has a sense of the […]

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