Grey by Kristian Westergaard

Grey bricks

Black and white are the ultimate dichotomies. But almost nothing is truly at those poles. It’s about grey of varying shades. But grey conveys more meaning than an intermediate colour between black and white. It’s also meaning without interest or character; dull and nondescript. It’s also a marker of age (especially of hair) become grey with age. It’s bound into a seeming human need to have black and white. To have certainty. But as Elias Vivas says “Reality takes place within a wide range of greys.” From where has this reflection come? The sky. Today, a classic London blankness. A pale grey, almost monochrome, sky without any discerning features to allow the eye to have something on which to focus. The height of the clouds is therefore almost impossible to judge. It’s as if there’s an absence of sky. And that’s where Kristian Westergaard comes in. His album Grey offers an album of synth IDM textures. Lots of softened beats and drones but also an air of unsettledness. If we must live in a grey world, better to have this as its soundtrack.

Blurb:Kristian Westergaard is a Danish composer living in Norway. His wide-ranging background in experimental jazz, punk rock, singer-songwriter makes him a fluent and prolific improviser. Although Westergaard holds a soloist’s degree in guitar from The Royal Conservatory of Jutland in Denmark, and has spanned more genres than most, the recent years have seen him focusing more and more on a particular instrument – namely the Buchla Music Easel, a unique-sounding modular synthesizer. Reminiscent of brass or even strings, it is however impossible to pigeon-hole, since it is completely its own. Determined to build a spacious, cinematic, and enigmatic flood of sound, Westergaard invites you on an improvised journey ranging from fragile and simply beautiful, to violent, dissonant and noisy – and everything in between. This is music to lose yourself in for a while. Never trying to show off or convince the listener in any way, it takes you through breath-taking scenery one step at a time, revealing the path bit by bit. Westergaard’s music is constantly searching and evolving but with great sense of direction, with a physicality only possible to achieve with a sensitive instrument and a sensitive player. 

It often feels like going somewhere you’ve never been before, but with a feeling of home right away. Earlier Westergaard has received several prizes for his work as a guitar-player.”


~ by acidted on July 10, 2016.

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