Pilates Pusseh says blend east and west‏

pilates pusseh

Pilates Pusseh says:

Pilates represents a blend of Western and Eastern approaches to fitness. The Western approach is dynamic, stressing motion, strength, and muscle tone, while the Eastern is static, focusing on stretching, rest, and contemplation. For the next hour, please work on the Western bit by pointing your glutes at the moon and flapping your bingo wings like a baby phoenix in some ashes. I’ll take care of the Eastern bit under my blue blanky.”

You can have your blanky time with Whirlwind from du-Lil. It’s listed as “trance” but thankfully has nothing much to do with that woe begotten genre. It’s a lovely swirling piece of electronica with a happy, dopey smile on its little face. Rather cute and floppy-haired, as skateboarders are wont to be.

Du-Lil says “I want to thank my friends that longboard/skateboard with me from time to time for inspiring me to make this song. There’s not many better ways to pass time then cruising along the sidewalks getting lost in the music blasting and the breeze pulling back…” Obviously, that’s nonsense. There are many, many better ways to pass the time than that. Think of your own version.


~ by acidted on July 11, 2016.

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