Soletrade – Contact


Here’s some new electronic music from Soletrade from Edinburgh. It’s at the progressive end of techno.

Soletrade says “I produced all the We Are Tall Order music. I was also a lighting designer for them. Iv started this project to focus my creative abilities into a efficient vessel of music production and live / dj sets.” He adds “I might also start a wee cheeky podcast too.”

On influences, he says “My influences can come from anywhere. Sometimes I hear a sample in a film or tv show, sometimes I’m inspired by watching a band or dj play( I do a lot of gig tech work so I see a lot from the front of house booth), sometimes I hear a track and I get a feeling of “I wish I made that”. The main thing which ignites an inspirational epiphany towards a musical goal is still a mystery, but as I’m progressing the model becomes clearer, almost like I’m contributing to some esoteric creative mass of energy which is super imposed on top of me.  I can lead that horse to water, but forcing it to drink will just result in some kind of dissonance, usually audible in the end product.”

Finally, to get to the serious questions, I asked him about sandwiches “My favourite sandwich would have to be Bacon and brown sauce. But when I’m being good I like to make veggie wraps/burritos.”

Contact is a bass heavy twang of a club track. There’s an awful lot of pitch gloom to be found here. The track rumbles around in the semi-darkness and you stumble after it.




~ by acidted on July 11, 2016.

2 Responses to “Soletrade – Contact”

  1. Gloomy but very good.

  2. Thanks for posting Ctel! Hope your well. Soletrade

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