Syncope – A Fast Voyage


Syncope’s A Fast Voyage is lovely electronica. It’s a soft, gentle clatter. At least to start with. The central section becomes more electronic and spaced before the end section offers harder pleasures. Never had Tunisian electronica before. This is rather good.

Blurb: In the year 2045, the hordes of revolted bionic slaves have long brought chaos and destruction to earth’s technoverse. A new hero arises in a world where hope is the only currency as the crypto-masters eroded all trust between the neo-citizens. Nothing stands in front of the free flow of information except for the dissolving nature of the boundaries between the virtual, the augmented and the real. In this noise our hero tries to bring a new order where the signals are free from the manipulation of the others.

Syncope unravels a new facet of musical expression to Muhammed Bouchir and Mêlki, inspired by the darkest sides of their well-established B.O.H work that brought tunisian metal into the world scene. It reflects the boiling gestation during the last decade of their experience in the artistic world. Bringing a new shift to their expression with alternating dark, progressive and sometimes ambient sounds and a wider range of emotional expression.
This new born of technological necessity marks another beginning for the artists musical journey.


~ by acidted on July 19, 2016.

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