Ambient from album Scintilla


What do I know about Kazahstan? Not much. Let’s see. Its capital is Astana. It was a former Soviet Republic. It’s president has been in power for ever and the country doesn’t have a great human rights record. What I know nothing about is electronic music there. So here’s the2vvo to rectify that with their ambient album Scintilla. It’s a very ambient album, with lots of field recordings to give it a sense of place. Soothing, rather than uneasy.


Blurb: Scintilla is a first EP from the audio/visual duo the2vvo. The album was created in the process of traveling and many field recordings from the trips are prominent throughout the EP. Scintilla is a record symbolizing a small spark of idea and it’s evolution and growth into something much bigger.


~ by acidted on July 21, 2016.

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