Voyager to your soul


Voyager, launched in 1977, is an astonishing thing. The only space craft operating in interstellar space, that is beyond our solar system, at a distance of 135 AU (2.02×1010 km) from the Sun as of June 2016. According to Wiki “Voyager 1’s extended mission is expected to continue until around 2025, when its radioisotope thermoelectric generators will no longer supply enough electric power to operate any of its scientific instruments.”

Here’s Chase Rayment from Denver Colorado with a lovely electronic tune called Voyager. Ignore that the soundcloud genres refers to dance and EDM. This is waaay better than that. It’s a soft piece of house with hints of steel guitar and a wonderful sense of drifting in space. But not drifting aimlessly, drifting with a purpose.

The track is from the album Epicenter (he’s American, so the spelling’s wrong). Chase warns “Here’s my second LP. 8 tracks that maybe don’t have much in common except the author, but to be honest it’s the largest amount of music I’ve ever been happy with at once so I’d call that a success. You’ll find some house, some post-rock, some downtempo, and some other experimental tracks I’ve cooked up. I think there’s a little something for everyone, assuming everyone has the exact same musical tastes as I do.”

Blurb: Chase Rayment is a musician hailing from Denver, Colorado, but now operating out of Seattle, Washington. His music spans multiple genres, but generally falls within progressive house, post-rock, synthwave, or downtempo. As a guitarist, bassist, and cellist, he incorporates acoustic sounds into his synthwave-inspired beats. Main influences include El Huervo, Perturbator, Disasterpeace, and Chromeo.

~ by acidted on July 26, 2016.

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