Lomea – Votive


Votive means offered or consecrated in fulfilment of a vow. As with so many English words, it has its origins in Latin from votivus, coming from votum (therefore sharing a root with vote). The original sense was ‘expressing a desire.’ What desire does Lomea have with Votive? To dance, it would seem. The track is a great piece of electronica with restless feet. A series of synth lines interplay with themselves and your emotions. The beats are set quite far back but have enough underlying appeal for the dance floor. The is especially so when the buzzing bass comes in at 3 mins.

And if you can bear a little more derivations before the tune, Lomea meaning ‘Low Island’ – is the legendary lost island off the Kent coast that is supposedly marked today by the Goodwin Sands.

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~ by acidted on July 28, 2016.

2 Responses to “Lomea – Votive”

  1. I’m sorry, I know I’m very dim and shockingly backward when it comes to technology but I can’t find the tune. Is it there? Or is this some kind of experimental make-up-your-own-tune-from-the-description-provided thing you’ve decided to try out?

  2. Hello, it’s just below the text of the blog post – should be a soundcloud embed with a play icon to the left. If that fails, here it is; https://soundcloud.com/hereandnowrecordings/votive

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