This Never Happened


This Never Happened is the new tour by Lane8. Alongside, he’s also released Divina / Crush on his own label. Releases from Lane8 have got so big that I approached this with some trepidation. Was he going to finally dive headlong into commercial dance? Could he retain the beauty of his earlier work?

Bit of a relief this one. Divina is far less commercial than some of his more recent releases. It steps away from the X-Factor vocals, is instrumental, owes lots to electronica. And is great. A rather thoughtful work that sounds fabulous in my kitchen but I do wonder if it has enough pace and punch for a mad dance floor.

Presale for This Never Happened tour:

Blurb: “The first This Never Happened event in San Francisco this June was hands down my favorite show I’ve ever done. To see so many of you embrace the concept, put your phones away and get lost in the experience was something truly, truly special. Before that show, my team and I were super anxious about whether we could pull such an event off. Doing our first TNH show in San Francisco, possibly the most tech-hip and phone-happy city in the US, seemed pretty risky. But with the whole team pushing towards the same goal, it all worked perfectly – everything was even better than we had hoped. Not only did 99% of people keep their phones in their pockets the entire night (don’t worry, we dealt with the other 1% ;)), everyone also had a noticeably better time at the show. I’ve never seen so many smiling faces, so many people meeting each other for the first time while dancing and bonding over a shared love and common taste in music – the actual beginning of a community was unfolding in front of our eyes. It was incredible. That show just reinforced even more what we believe in and the idea that what we’re doing is something that the music community actually wants and needs.
For those reasons, we have decided to take This Never Happened on tour across North America. Each show will have an identical format. I’m playing extended sets only. Our core values remain the same. The dancefloor is a phone- and photo-free space. Leave the real world behind and come get lost in the music with us.

I’m also super excited to announce that the next This Never Happened release, Divina/Crush is out now.”

Daniel (Lane 8)

Presale August 2
General onsale August 5

Released by:
This Never Happened


~ by acidted on August 10, 2016.

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