cX – Who?

Hydro mixel

cX is from the US and seems to stand for categorically excluded. Here’s his Who? album which manages some lovely funky, summery house disguising hidden complexity and a southern twang.

Blurb: Categorically Music is thrilled to announce the release of the latest album from cX, “Who?” available everywhere on August 10.

A searcher wanders through life separated from the masses by his ideas and passions. Words feel limiting by their very shape and structure; still expression seeks a path for the living. So unfolds the life of a musician – a story teller of another means. Years spent in the lab, inventing, imagining and forecasting a new era of language. cX is that searcher with 20+ years of studio work and production time; producing twenty albums, each record a new concept, a new identity for this soulful nomad. Each album demonstrating the increased maturity and confidence only a veteran of the studio can possesses. This is the new realm of those who seek – those who attend to the heart. cX is the answer to the search – he who is.

cX was born a music aficionado. Growing up in a small town in the south, cX knew as a child he felt music in the depths of his person – in his knees, wrists and elbows. He subsequently learned to break dance and to this day will pop and lock anywhere. cX was so lured by the sexy genius of music he began making his own music at 12 following the trend of the time – funk.

cX is a soulful dude who believes in the power of the universe and the beauty of love. He strives to generate these vibrations in his music.


~ by acidted on August 12, 2016.

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