Sugar Daddy – Secret Knowledge (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix)


Sugar Daddy, the seminal track that pretty much blew everyone’s socks off when it was released in 1992 (by Secret Knowledge on Weatherall’s Sabres of Paradise label) has been given a makeover from Digweed and Muir for 2016.

The original was a barnstorming yet wonderfully seductive epic that had clubbers erupting in paroxysms of hysterical delight whenever it was played. The insane ‘whooo!’ was worth the price of admission alone and the successful blend of Moroder-style synths, pounding beat and Wonder’s dreamy, sexed up vocals created a classic that still sounds phenomenal today.

Digweed and Muir have essentially tinkered around with the elements, adding a bit here, taking a bit there, whilst retaining the fundamentals. The result is a perfectly respectable interpretation that sounds cleaner, more polished. Yet what makes the original so good is precisely the opposite. It’s the raw, earthy quality, the rough, almost abrasive edges that work so well with the sultry vocals, making it sound like a salacious celebration of drugged up sex in all its coarse and indelicate glory that, ultimately, makes it so appealing.

Digweed says “When the 12” vinyl promo of “Sugar Daddy” came through the post way back in 1993, I was blown away by this track! With its techno undertones and powerful vocals it really did stand out from the crowd… I recently included it on my “Live in Miami” (Bedrock) album and got talking to Kris Needs about licensing it and he was up for the idea. Nick and myself have tried to bring it up to date, while retaining a lot of the incredible elements from the original, and the reaction on the dance floor to the remix has been great!”

So while the remix is perfectly fine and will no doubt do well, I think I’ll stick to the source.

Review by D


The 5th instalment of John Digweed’s globetrotting ‘Live In…’ legendary mix series, recorded at Vagabond Nightclub in Downtown Miami during Miami Music Week 2014, featured 37 tracks notching up nearly four hours of music, spanning more than two decades, and included the classic ‘Sugar Daddy’, one of the most seminal dance tracks from 1992. Once heard, this inspirational track, created by Kris Needs and Wonder in their Secret Knowledge guise, can most certainly never be forgotten, and the rush of excitement and adulation that the revived classic received set the wheels in motion for John Digweed and Nick Muir to remix the track for a summer 2016 full single release on Bedrock, along with two of the re-mastered original versions.

Initiating proceedings with their trademark, super-solid percussive backbone, John Digweed and Nick Muir have had untold fun re-arranging, twisting and tweaking a plethora of spellbinding parts from the original to create their own distinctive updated vision of the original classic. Wonder’s gloriously breathy, seductive vocal, married with a selection of irresistibly hypnotic Moroder-esque hooks is a perfect combination for the duo to create one of the most stunningly distinctive reworks of 2016.

To anyone who was clubbing back in the early 90’s that “Whoo….” from the Original Mix still sends shivers down the spine today. Add to the equation a thunderstorm; bluesy finger snaps; Wonder’s unbelievably erotic vocals; a body pummelling kick drum; Kris Needs’ homage to the mighty Giorgio Moroder via a merciless, throbbing groove; top it all off subtle, euphoric pads, and what you have is the perfect recipe that led to the creation of one of the best, ecstatic electronic club tracks from an era when anything was possible and genre restrictive rules were yet to be written. Now, re-mastered for a summer 2016 release on Bedrock, a new generation of clubbers can discover the delights of Secret Knowledge and their ‘Sugar Daddy’.

The respectful package is completed with the re-mastered original Out Of Our Brains on The 5.15 Mix (created with the involvement of David Holmes after he witnessed the unbelievable emotional crowd reaction when Andrew Weatherall dropped the original mix at a club in Brighton). But that’s only a small part of an amazing story… If you want to join the dots and discover more about all the players involved in the creation of this landmark record you might want to spend a little time reading Andrew Whitehurst’s excellent interview with Kris Needs for DJ Mag, from a few years ago:…nowledge-sugar-daddy


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