Is this guy an alien or sutin?


Aaron Udy is back to blow your cobwebs away. Actually, it’s techno of such intensity it will blow away an awful lot more than that. Two tracks – Crimp Wave and Sutin – of metallic, experimental, crushing, clashing techno. Hang on to your socks.


Aaron Udy makes his debut on Taro Records with two original tracks characteristically straddling the line between dance floor and experimental. Clashing and grinding metallic sounds loop around minimal drum patterns, each track punching with it’s own rhythmic vibe.

Remixes contributed by Taro family members Magoii, P/A and Taro Division steer the tracks back into industrial rave territory, chewed up and spat out through marching sounds, heavy kicks and the customary distortion.


~ by acidted on August 20, 2016.

One Response to “Is this guy an alien or sutin?”

  1. Yes yes, cheesr for the kind words 🙂

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