Sunday selection, autumn style


Last Sunday we had a summer selection amidst the golden hues of a summer’s later afternoon. Today, it’s grey and we’ve switched into autumn, with a more than hint of chill in the air. For your musical selection we have GNTN who offer light techno, then something softer from Jason Barty. and finally adorable house perkiness from Henotik.

German duo GNTN have that missing vowel thing going on. Can’t work out what this one is supposed to be. aGe oN TuNe? Go oN TuNa? Whatever? Plexus offers a lovely bit of techno, not too hard but fried to the right side of crispy. Of the track they say „Der Entstehungsprozess von der Nummer hat sich eine ganze Weile gezogen“, erinnert sich das Duo @GNTN, wenn es zu seinem Track „Plexus“ gefragt wird. Beide fingen zunächst an, mit verschiedenen Ideen rumzuspielen: „Und von Zeit zu Zeit hat sich der Track entwickelt. Angefangen hat aber alles mit der Melodie, die sich nun durch den gesamten Track zieht. Anschließend haben wir im Prinzip um die Melodie herum aufgebaut.“ which is something to do with the track being built up around the melody that runs through it.

Jason Barty offers something softer, appropriately enough called Softer. This is from his album To Be Here (see end of this post). It has a little clatter, some reverbed synth tones and a little birdsong. Think Bonobo or some of Zero 7’s more engaged moments. Lovely and chilled. One of those tracks that gets better the more you listen.

Finally, Henotik with A Thousand Questions. This is a return for Henotik and the tune is perkiness personified. A little vocal house tune that for me looks back to summer with winsomeness. Unusually for me, I love the vocal but it also appears in instrumental version if that’s not your thing. Utterly adorable.

Jason Barty – To Be Here ($6)

~ by acidted on August 21, 2016.

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