Carl Finlow​/​Dez Williams // BA044v Split Vinyl


Some new electro music from Carl Finlow and Dez Williams on a split vinyl release. This is forward-thinking electro. No tired retreads here. It’s often damning with faint praise to call dance music intelligent but this release requires that title. There’s real thought gone into each of the tracks, with twisting tunes the order of the day. That’s especially the case with Carl Finlow’s Bleem, which is the pick of the tacks here.



On Side A Carl Finlow offers up two tracks of his trademark high standard. In both cases he artfully blends the ingredients that have earned him the respect of listeners and fellow producers alike; intelligence, a strong groove, futuristic elements and that Finlow factor that you can’t quite put your finger on but just makes his material rise to the top. ‘Bleem’ is machine funk at its best, instantly infectious, hypnotic and speaking equally well to your body and mind. It builds subtly and each layer just adds to the pleasure a real escape through sound affair. ‘Chemical Bonds’ follows suit with another carefully concocted machine groove, accented by distorted riffs and a constant reminder from the vocal to ‘Don’t stop’ mid-way through the track you are somehow suspended on the plateau Finlow has raised you to, as a dystopian sci-fi atmosphere swirls around and engulfing you. These are not simplistic tracks; they just feel so right on the ears because the elements weave in between one another effortlessly; because the architect is so skilled.

On Side B no stranger to vinyl and exposure where it counts, a firm favourite of Dave Clarke and many other educated DJs of the authentic Electro sound, Dez Williams delivers three punches; all dance floor killers overflowing with energy. Interference Pattern kicks off his side of the record and heads straight for the jugular; punchy drums, infectious acid lines and crafty tempo changes guarantee a sweaty floor and ceiling at any club. Keeping the pace high Dayzov V1.1 brings a hard, fast, driving groove which strikes nicely at the sweet spot where techno and electro overlap. Lastly Whitey. This sums up the way you feel after the two preceding tracks; head a wash with crazy sounds and rhythms, gradually spiralling into that special place dance music can take you – dazed, confused and loving it.

~ by acidted on August 24, 2016.

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