Inverse Motion


Techno is not only about the drums and the beat. In the hands of skilled artists like Carl Craig it’s capable of delicate emotions. That’s the approach taken by Aural.Node (Jasper Luetkens). The track Inverse Motions is taken from his Clouds at Dawn EP. It is a wonderfully Detroit influenced track, with soft almost handclap beats and an interplay of synths. There’s even a bit of one of those disguised voice things from I’ve-kidnapped-your-love-one films.

Blurb: Aural. Node and his “Clouds at Dawn” EP. Hailing from the capital of electronic music Berlin, Jasper Luetkens has began to make a name for himself in the production area with his Aural.Node production moniker. An artist with a modus operandi demonstrating a “symbiosis between nature and technology”, the Aural.Node raison d’être is to reconcile the “bridge between the highly artificial and technology dependent electronic music and the spirituality of our minds and souls”. Thus, the perennial question of how to develop a musical soul within the rigid, loop-driven structures of dance music is uppermost in the Aural.Node sound.

Building on a noteworthy DJ career with live performances at clubs such as Tresor in Berlin, the ability to create warm analogue instrumentation and organic sounds within Aural.Node’s music has thus seen “Blutmond” for EME now followed by the impressive four-track “Clouds at Dawn” EP for Particles.

The smooth bass prowess found within “Inverse Motion” is a fine example of the range of sounds available to Aural.Node production palette as a pitched vocal treatment adds a slightly sinister edge to staccato rhythms and rasping bass filters. Hitting its stride in the third movement, the combination of rhythm and imaginative melody give the track a strong character. Aptly named, the title track itself is full of meandering pad textures that pitch a weaved path in coruscating glory. A dance floor component comprised of glassy grooved riff is a welcome addition, interacting expertly with strong techno beat and relentlessly pulsing bass line. The result is an ingenious affair that bears comparison with Kraftwerk style Teutonic precision coupled with organic passion.

~ by acidted on August 26, 2016.

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