Jiant – Sanctuary


You might remember I got over-excited by Jiant’s ambient rant a few weeks back. Here’s their debut Sanctuary EP. More gentle but intricate ambient.

Opener Samogon is built around piano and taut strings. The word is from Russian illegal alcohol. But there’s nothing of that alcoholic haze here. Everything is kept in focus – if anything the track is slightly too polite. Wake offers something better. Despite its downbeat title there’s something optimistic here between the 80s beats and the neo-trance sysnth line.

The title tack, Sanctuary, returns to the piano-driven sounds of Samogon but with a weary sense of lost haziness. This and the guitar chords give it a lovely feel and mood. Ambient for sadder moments. The final track is Dundalk. Despite Jiant being from Scotland, this is a town in Ireland – recently pushed to prominence by their football team getting close to being in the European Champions League. This is the best of the quartet. Strings weep quietly in the background while a one note synth burbles in the foreground. Gives a lovely contrast in post-rock ambient.

A reasonable debut but only Dundalk really hits the heights.


~ by acidted on August 28, 2016.

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